Here is something a bit different for you, compared to my usual business creative service blogs! Another creative service I offer is live music. I have a variety of projects to keep me busy while spinning plates. I am always seeking shows for my solo acoustic covers project ‘Acoustic Mojo’. That one does help pay the bills, so I’m always on the lookout for more shows. I love to perform all the big hits from the 70’s onwards, and have plenty of experience performing at pubs, cafes and private functions.

I also perform vocal duties in the 5 piece classic rock covers band ’The Sociables’. They have been around forever and perform all over Melbourne and beyond. Another one is a tribute band to The Cult called ’Sonic Temple’, which is an occasional love job. They 3 are my current active projects. You can check out the Facebook pages below, along with some other projects I have previously worked on. If you enjoy any of that, please feel free to connect with me on Facebook!

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