We recently completed design, print and delivery for our good customer ‘Organic BioPower’! Over the course of a few weeks several design changes were made, until the customer was satisfied with the finished product. We then arranged print quotes for the customer, ensuring a suitable stock was chosen to go on their IBC tanks. We chose a cost effective monomeric vinyl with a matt laminate. Monomeric vinyl has outdoor durability for around 2 years. (Polymetric vinyl outdoor durability is around 5 years). 

We placed the print order with one of our expert trade print partners, who provided 500 quality prints, with tracked express delivery to the customer within 5 business days! A smooth, affordable and bespoke experience for the customer who continue to rely on Universal Mojo to help their business to thrive. If you would like to know more about our services, contact us today! info@universalmojo.com.au

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